Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One

by Voice Of Trepidation

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The Debut album from Voice Of Trepidation


released February 25, 2011

Musicians who made this album possible:

Alexander Oden
Kirby Ahlms
Kyle Vraa

Alexander Oden

Kyle Vraa
Alexander Oden

Michael Spafford
Alexander Oden
Sarah Long



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Voice Of Trepidation Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: The Godless One
The Godless One
Lyrics: M. Spafford
Music: A. Oden

Staring down the fires
of the lake thats my soul
looking far to deep
I've lost all my control
Darkness coming closer
little did I know
The dark one wanted me
Oh where can I go
Death flows over me
Like a darkened cape
Corpses laying all around
watching them decay
Is this the price of freedom
is this the only way
Oh god what have I done
the end i unleashed today

I am the godless one
our soul is mine to take
The blood drains from you
It's now far to late
Darkness coming closer
Death is at my call
Steal the life from you
watching as you fall

I am the godless one
the heathen on parade
Churches burn in the night
Apocalypse in my wake
Jesus can't save you
your life if mine to take
Your so fuckin worthless
Welcome to your end

Verse 2
Smoke fill the air
Of priests lit ablaze
Yelling screams of hellish torment
and lives left unsaved
You worthless little bastard
You deserve this fate
The torture of the innocent ones
fuck you anyway
Darkness takes over
on this fateful day
The ground cracks open
As Satan leads the way
You can't run, You Can't Hide
Your fate is sealed today
God can't save you
You're doomed anyways

Chorus -repeat

I am the godless one

Chorus - end
Track Name: Sellswords Way
Sellswords Way
Lyrics; M. Spafford
Music: K. Ahlm

Verse 1:
When we were young he went to war
Killing men he never knew
It filled with with a lust so great
It ripped his soul in two

Years past and he became a myth
My father the Sellsword King
His army enclosed the land
A throne waits for me

He spilled the blood of enemys
Took so many lives, away
The shattered remains of a man
I never knew he fell till today

In the mail I found a letter
It was addressed from the king
Enclosed was thousands of dollars
That he had saved for me.

Chrous X2:
ANd the letter said
If you have this I am Dead

Enclosed was a Letter that
said my father was dead
I knew not what to believe

Shortly after i went to war
Reclaiming the throne as i left
Men my father commanded
Now took orders from me

Raising in power with each kill
THe land now was mine
THe tales of my father
We're starting to fade

Bloodthirst i started to know
The men feared my lead
fires burn around the land
There was no end


In battle I fell one day
A Spear pieced my chest
Life blood drained from me
The End waS in sight

I was buried in a tomb
of shining gold
In my hand i cluthed a letter
that my father had given me

end x2
And the letter said
If you have this i am dead
Track Name: Tear It Up
Tear IT Up
Lyrics: M. Spafford
Music: K. Ahlm

My heart it begins to race
The rush of adrainaline
The pushing of the pit
I sense the coming onslaught
This music reaches to my core
The swelling of emotionw
A riff in the middle
welcome to the bloodshed

I see the bodies in the pit
the circle that they permit
Waves of blood and spit
the ecstasy have a go at it
THe masses they do swell
this music forged in hell
The sounds of the crowd
they know all to well
Come now lets hear you yell

I want you to tear this place up
Yell at the top of your lungs
Scream in to the dark night
PArty till the dawns light


Sing with me
Tear this place up
Yell with me
Tear this place up
Raise your fist and
Tear this place up

Thrash with me
Tear this place up
Fight for me
Tear this place up
Come on now fuckin
tear this place up

What is it that you seek
I know what you seek
I have what you seek
Rise and tear this place up

I hold what you seek
I breath in what you seek
So take all that you seek
Rise and tear this place up

Become what you seek
Evolve into what you seek
Destroy what you were
Rise and tear this place up

Your soul is reborn
Your dawn is now at hand
You've become what you seek
Rise and tear this place up
Track Name: Time To Fight
Time to Fight
Lyrics: m. spafford
music: K. Ahlm


Spend another night alone
Still waiting by the phone
Calls that go unanswered
Ignoring the one you love
Lie to protect yourself
do you care bout anyone else
Angry that starts to boil
beginging a night of turmoil

Chrous x4
Words thrown It's time to fight
Anger rising it's time to fight
Come one now it's time to fight
Fuck you so much

Once i use to love you as i stared at your face
but now i've grown to hate you, your such a disgrace

Words of a broken dream
Shattering at it's seams
Nothing makes sense today
I feel my heart decay
Walking all alone
No where to call a home
Dead inside my soul
Looking around no one knows



The night begins to wade
Time to restart the day
Missed calls from your love
Fuck her, you've had enough
Blood runs down you're face
Battle scars of the day
Harsh words that lead the way
The end begins today

Open your eyes again
Sorrow of the fall
The end to it all
Start to avoid her call
Break her hold on you
You can't take much more
Lying only to yourself
Cause You know you have nothing else


The break start to show
Your mask suffers the blow
Knowing all along
So tired of being strong
Falling to the ground
No one is around
Silently without a sound
You're nowhere to be found

Yelling to the sky
Never fully knowing why
You've crused the world
Your cries go unheard
To this very day
Your heart still decays
The mourning of the one you love
painful as you give up
no more you;ve has enough
Track Name: War Cry
Rise Forth
Prepare my minions for battle
Track Name: March Of The Darkones
March Of The Darkones
Lyrics: M. Spafford
Music: K. Vraa

Verse 1:
Onward they march
Soilders of dark
To this noman's Land
Here we stand

Verse 2:
Swords and Sheild's gleam
Enhanced by bloodlines
Form a battle plan
We'll take command

Verse 3:
Soilder's ready
Orders follow
They take the land
Embrace the sand

Shadows darken as they follow
Leaveing this land dead an hollow

Verse 4:
The battle rages
We're trapped in cages
My sprit engages
Break the chains

Verse 5
Faster they run
Faster we kill
Blood stained land
together again

Shadows darken as they follow
Leaving this land dead and hollow

Bridge x6:

Chrous x2
Shadows Darken As They Follow
Leaving this land dead and hollow

Verse 6:
The shadows have retreated
We've been weakened
Blood on our hands
We;ve reclaimed the land

Verse 7:
Many have died
Many have fell
Many live on
But not in vain

Shadows darken as they follow
Leaveing the land dead and hollow

This is the march of the darkones
Track Name: Apocalyptic Ways
Apocalyptic Plan
Music: K. Vraa
Lyrics: M.Spafford + C. Townsend

V1: Down The Alley Way
Where dead bodies lay
I have lost my mind
was it ever mine?

B1: Down into black I Go
Can anyone save my soul
lost in LUNACY
I am Alone (No More)

C1: Into The Black You Go
No One Can Save Your Soul
The Smell Of Blood Assaults You
The Time Is Now Make Your Stand

C2: The Killer's Knife In Your Hand
Your Part Of A Master Plan
One Day You'll Understand
Your The Future Of MAn

C3: Your Life Is In My Hands
Enter The Promise Land
Proudly wear your brand
For you are slave and man.

V2: The further you run away
Cities start to decay
Angels cry out
Enter Apocalypse

B2: Running out of choices
Survival options few
Everywhere around you
The fallen laugh at you
can you stay alive
where everyone dies

(Repeat Chorus)

Solo - K. Vraa

V3: Apocalyptic ways
only death remains
The Rotted Feed The Earth
can we quench it's thirst

B4: Back into darkness
we will not go
our live are one
their ours to control
Retaliation of Man
Rise to reclaim their land

(repeat Chorus)
Track Name: The Grand Demise
Grand Demise
Lyrics: M.Spafford
Music: K. Vraa

Verse 1:
Deep down We Go
Rush To Fatal Blows
Decapitated Bodies Of Foes
Lament in their Woes
Swords Dripped In Red
Bloodlust well fed

Killing Time Is At Hand
No longer a Promise Land

Welcome to the Grand Demise
Come Watch your Heros die
Listen to their feeble cries
As the fire claims their flesh

Verse 2:
Twlights Darkened Gaze
With the Moon Rise the Insane
The Nightmares Impending Game
Lead us to out Tomb
Return Us to the Womb
Let my killing resume


Verse 3:
Death Spreads like a Plague
Consuming All Within it's Range
The World now feels it's rage
Open Skys become a cage
This Monster won't be kept abay
Come froth lord of decay


Verse 4:
Upon the ground begins their fate
Out of the sky Fire Rains
Drilling Deeper The nails bring the pain
The house of the holy is to blame
For all the souls who hide aflame
Enter the realm of the slain

Track Name: Drowning In Cocytus
Drowning in Cocytus

Music and Lyrics by K. Vraa

The river of lamentation
A current of sorrow flows
Down the through the delta along
The mouth of the lake of fire

I'm drowning
Drowning in Cocytus

The forgotten lost souls
A wailing mass of mourning
Winding through the desolation
Lost in the maze of time

I'm drowning
Drowning in Cocytus

The sadness it swells spills over
The banks of the river flood
Inundation sweeps away
Spirits tumble down the river bed

I'm drowning
Drowning in Cocytus
Track Name: Forbidden Zone
Forbidden Zone
Lyrics: M.Spafford + K. Vraa
Music: K. Vraa

A barren wasteland lies beyond the dunes
Lifeless Desolation Buries the ruins
A sea of dust chokes life from this land
Flames erupt high from beneath the sands
Black Canyons seal the secrets of the abyss

Enter Not, The Forbidden Zone

A Geographic Demon defends the faith
Wise men stand guard to seal its gate
Protecting Heretics from the horrible fate
The myth and the Truth, Tightly intertwined
Seductive arrogance of the human mind

Enter Not, Forbidden Zone

The Old Guard sees the cracks in the wall
Brought before the courts to answer the call
Conviced of blasphemy, Exiled to doom
A stony silence engulfs the room
Is this a sentence or are we set free?

Enter Not, The Foridden Zone

Mounting the Horses, Armed with their guns
Fleeing Dogma, Free Minds on the run
Approach the line, Figures of Final warning
A moment to contemplate at the end of the path
Proceed to destiny or bear thy deity's wrath

Enter Not, The Forbidden zone

Crossing the line, There's no turning back
Three days of life stored in a pack
Onward they go, Doubt begins to appear
Sun up Sun down, Consumed by fear
Panic sets in, Turn to retreat

Enter Not, The Forbidden Zone

Corpses laying prone in the silver moon
Long forgotten as they crumble to dust
Greed proves to be a fatal warning
a terrible price for moral vanity
Feeble resistance, Enter pure insanity

Death in the Forbidden Zone