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Song bout being In a mosh pit


Tear IT Up
Lyrics: M. Spafford
Music: K. Ahlm

My heart it begins to race
The rush of adrainaline
The pushing of the pit
I sense the coming onslaught
This music reaches to my core
The swelling of emotionw
A riff in the middle
welcome to the bloodshed

I see the bodies in the pit
the circle that they permit
Waves of blood and spit
the ecstasy have a go at it
THe masses they do swell
this music forged in hell
The sounds of the crowd
they know all to well
Come now lets hear you yell

I want you to tear this place up
Yell at the top of your lungs
Scream in to the dark night
PArty till the dawns light


Sing with me
Tear this place up
Yell with me
Tear this place up
Raise your fist and
Tear this place up

Thrash with me
Tear this place up
Fight for me
Tear this place up
Come on now fuckin
tear this place up

What is it that you seek
I know what you seek
I have what you seek
Rise and tear this place up

I hold what you seek
I breath in what you seek
So take all that you seek
Rise and tear this place up

Become what you seek
Evolve into what you seek
Destroy what you were
Rise and tear this place up

Your soul is reborn
Your dawn is now at hand
You've become what you seek
Rise and tear this place up


from Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One, released February 25, 2011
Lyrics: Michael Spafford and Alexander Oden
Music: Kirby Ahlm



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Voice Of Trepidation Minneapolis, Minnesota

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