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Second Track, Tells a story of a bloody battle.


Sellswords Way
Lyrics; M. Spafford
Music: K. Ahlm

Verse 1:
When we were young he went to war
Killing men he never knew
It filled with with a lust so great
It ripped his soul in two

Years past and he became a myth
My father the Sellsword King
His army enclosed the land
A throne waits for me

He spilled the blood of enemys
Took so many lives, away
The shattered remains of a man
I never knew he fell till today

In the mail I found a letter
It was addressed from the king
Enclosed was thousands of dollars
That he had saved for me.

Chrous X2:
ANd the letter said
If you have this I am Dead

Enclosed was a Letter that
said my father was dead
I knew not what to believe

Shortly after i went to war
Reclaiming the throne as i left
Men my father commanded
Now took orders from me

Raising in power with each kill
THe land now was mine
THe tales of my father
We're starting to fade

Bloodthirst i started to know
The men feared my lead
fires burn around the land
There was no end


In battle I fell one day
A Spear pieced my chest
Life blood drained from me
The End waS in sight

I was buried in a tomb
of shining gold
In my hand i cluthed a letter
that my father had given me

end x2
And the letter said
If you have this i am dead


from Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One, released February 25, 2011
Lyrics: Michael Spafford
Music: Kirby Ahlms



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Voice Of Trepidation Minneapolis, Minnesota

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