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The first track off The Godless One


The Godless One
Lyrics: M. Spafford
Music: A. Oden

Staring down the fires
of the lake thats my soul
looking far to deep
I've lost all my control
Darkness coming closer
little did I know
The dark one wanted me
Oh where can I go
Death flows over me
Like a darkened cape
Corpses laying all around
watching them decay
Is this the price of freedom
is this the only way
Oh god what have I done
the end i unleashed today

I am the godless one
our soul is mine to take
The blood drains from you
It's now far to late
Darkness coming closer
Death is at my call
Steal the life from you
watching as you fall

I am the godless one
the heathen on parade
Churches burn in the night
Apocalypse in my wake
Jesus can't save you
your life if mine to take
Your so fuckin worthless
Welcome to your end

Verse 2
Smoke fill the air
Of priests lit ablaze
Yelling screams of hellish torment
and lives left unsaved
You worthless little bastard
You deserve this fate
The torture of the innocent ones
fuck you anyway
Darkness takes over
on this fateful day
The ground cracks open
As Satan leads the way
You can't run, You Can't Hide
Your fate is sealed today
God can't save you
You're doomed anyways

Chorus -repeat

I am the godless one

Chorus - end


from Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One, track released February 25, 2011
Lyrics: Michael Spafford
Music: Alexander Oden



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Voice Of Trepidation Minneapolis, Minnesota

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