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Forbidden Zone
Lyrics: M.Spafford + K. Vraa
Music: K. Vraa

A barren wasteland lies beyond the dunes
Lifeless Desolation Buries the ruins
A sea of dust chokes life from this land
Flames erupt high from beneath the sands
Black Canyons seal the secrets of the abyss

Enter Not, The Forbidden Zone

A Geographic Demon defends the faith
Wise men stand guard to seal its gate
Protecting Heretics from the horrible fate
The myth and the Truth, Tightly intertwined
Seductive arrogance of the human mind

Enter Not, Forbidden Zone

The Old Guard sees the cracks in the wall
Brought before the courts to answer the call
Conviced of blasphemy, Exiled to doom
A stony silence engulfs the room
Is this a sentence or are we set free?

Enter Not, The Foridden Zone

Mounting the Horses, Armed with their guns
Fleeing Dogma, Free Minds on the run
Approach the line, Figures of Final warning
A moment to contemplate at the end of the path
Proceed to destiny or bear thy deity's wrath

Enter Not, The Forbidden zone

Crossing the line, There's no turning back
Three days of life stored in a pack
Onward they go, Doubt begins to appear
Sun up Sun down, Consumed by fear
Panic sets in, Turn to retreat

Enter Not, The Forbidden Zone

Corpses laying prone in the silver moon
Long forgotten as they crumble to dust
Greed proves to be a fatal warning
a terrible price for moral vanity
Feeble resistance, Enter pure insanity

Death in the Forbidden Zone


from Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One, released February 25, 2011
Lyrics: Michael Spafford and Kyle Vraa
Music: Kyle Vraa



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