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Song bout being a salve and rising up to reclaim whats yours.


Apocalyptic Plan
Music: K. Vraa
Lyrics: M.Spafford + C. Townsend

V1: Down The Alley Way
Where dead bodies lay
I have lost my mind
was it ever mine?

B1: Down into black I Go
Can anyone save my soul
lost in LUNACY
I am Alone (No More)

C1: Into The Black You Go
No One Can Save Your Soul
The Smell Of Blood Assaults You
The Time Is Now Make Your Stand

C2: The Killer's Knife In Your Hand
Your Part Of A Master Plan
One Day You'll Understand
Your The Future Of MAn

C3: Your Life Is In My Hands
Enter The Promise Land
Proudly wear your brand
For you are slave and man.

V2: The further you run away
Cities start to decay
Angels cry out
Enter Apocalypse

B2: Running out of choices
Survival options few
Everywhere around you
The fallen laugh at you
can you stay alive
where everyone dies

(Repeat Chorus)

Solo - K. Vraa

V3: Apocalyptic ways
only death remains
The Rotted Feed The Earth
can we quench it's thirst

B4: Back into darkness
we will not go
our live are one
their ours to control
Retaliation of Man
Rise to reclaim their land

(repeat Chorus)


from Voice Of Trepidation: The Godless One, released February 25, 2011
Lyrics: Michael Spafford
Music: Kyle Vra



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Voice Of Trepidation Minneapolis, Minnesota

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